Watch Dogs footage shows open world events, multiplayer invasions

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft have released a 14 minute "vertical slice" of "completely systemic" Watch Dogs footage. Translation: Ubisoft have released a big chunk o' video, showing off the open world shenanigans of Watch Dogs . Example: being a homicidal cyber-jerk, being a nosy cyber-stalker, or being a creepy cyber-thief. Basically, a lot of what you do isn't very nice, but it is wi-fi enabled.

I'm not 100% on Ubi's definition of morality choices that offer "shades of grey". Stealing a mother's bank details with the intention of robbing her is, I think, inarguably dickish. Still, stick with the adventures of Aiden Pierce, Supergit, for some exciting looking asymmetrical multiplayer back-and-forth hacking.

Watch Dogs is due out November 22nd.