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Undead Labs will announce a new game next week, but there's still a future for State of Decay

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State of Decay studio Undead Labs has announced it will unveil a new game on Monday, and it's not a sequel to State of Decay. According to a spokesperson on Twitter the game is "not at all a zombie game", promising emphatically there will be "No zombies" and "no Microsoft". The latter is a reference to the game's console exclusivity, but I suppose you can take it to mean whatever you want.

This doesn't mark the end of the studio's continued support for State of Decay, with the spokesperson adding "did you know that a studio can make more than one game at once?" Some people seem a bit confused on this point, as Rust developer Facepunch Studios discovered this week .

As for the future of State of Decay? That's where things get interesting. Novelist J L Bourne appears to be collaborating with the studio on something related to the game, but whether it's a sequel or another expansion we don't know. All we know is J L Bourne loves State of Decay, and the creators of State of Decay love J L Bourne, as was demonstrated by a series of recent blogposts .

The studio has referenced a State of Decay sequel numerous times since the original's release, so it seems to be just a matter of when. As for now, the last major DLC pack came in the form of the Lifeline DLC .

Shaun Prescott
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