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Trials Fusion trailer shows flips, tricks and bails

Let's hide away from the strange new reality of virtual reality, and into the escapist fantasy of a silly score-attack video game. A new Trials is on the way, and I couldn't be more excited. Many were the hour spent swearing at the warehouses of Trials 2: Second Edition, and many more words were cursed at the open-air obstacles of Trials Gold. For the upcoming Trials Fusion, things take a faintly futuristic turn. Rather than just being more Trials - as fine a thing as that would be - a new FMX trick system will provide plenty more opportunities for foolhardy failure.

Importantly, it seems that the tricks are a feature of special FMX tracks. I was slightly worried the addition of the system would be at the expense of the purer thrill of overcoming the series' traditionally challenging levels. Instead, it's complimenting it with a set of tracks that aren't against the clock.

It's worth remembering that Trials Fusion is being published by Ubisoft, and as such, will be delayed on PC. Where the trailer reveals an April 16th release, it'll actually arrive on PC a week later : April 24th.

Phil Savage
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