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This year's EA Play event is coming in July

EA Play 2021
(Image credit: EA)

EA announced on Tuesday that its usual E3-adjacent reveal event will be coming a bit later in the summer this year. While most of the E3 2021 streams will be happening from June 12-15, EA Play will take place on July 22nd.

EA put out a save the date tweet for the event, but offered up no further details on timing or what games to expect at the event. I do enjoy the nod to EA's classic logo, though.

This year's EA Play may be in July, but it seems like we'll be seeing the next Battlefield game before then. EA strongly hinted on Monday that Battlefield 6 will be revealed in June, which could come in the form of its own special livestream event or a segment in another company's presentation. Maybe Microsoft's expected E3 showcase? 

We may even learn a little more about EA's plans for Battlefield or EA Play later today—the company's quarterly earnings call starts at 2 pm PT on Tuesday.

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