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There's a new Don Bradman cricket game releasing this year

When the first Don Bradman Cricket game released in 2014, it achieved what many at the time believed impossible: it was a decent cricket video game. Remember, it released soon after the abomination that was Ashes Cricket 2013, and it had some neat features as well, such as the ability to customise teams and to share them with all and sundry online.

Big Ant Studios, the team responsible for Don Bradman Cricket, is taking another swing at the series with Don Bradman Cricket 2017. It'll feature a new lighting system, "photo realistic skin tones" and much more freedom to cosmetically customise your cricketers (you can even give them tattoos, now). Meanwhile, all players created in the 2014 instalment can be imported to the new one.

That's due to release in December, but in the meantime Big Ant will roll out the Don Bradman Cricket Academy app, a player customisation suite allowing players to create their characters before the game releases. That's due to release on Steam some time this week, and we'll update the story when it goes live.

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