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The Long Dark trailer is a stark reminder that there are bears outside


The Long Dark is coming to the Xbox One! And no, that's not the sort of news we would normally take much interest in, but it comes complete with a new E3 2015 trailer, and so here we are.

The trailer doesn't show off any actual gameplay—for that, you should have a look at our Early Access impressions from October 2014—unless you count the underlying first-person snippets that actually tell the day-by-day tale of this journey as it's traced across the map. There's not a lot of "practical value" here, in other words, but I quite like how the story is so effectively told. It's bad, it's really bad, it's a little better, it's coming up Milhouse, and then this happens. This is basically the narrative arc of every survival game I've ever played.

The Long Dark is available now on Steam Early Access, and is half price for the next couple of days as part of the Steam Summer Sale.

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