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The floor is lava in this new modded Breath of the Wild dungeon

Breath of the Wild modded Earth Temple
(Image credit: Nintendo | Modded by Kreny)
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Last month we spoke with the creator of a new modding tool called Ice Spear. It's a visual editor for creating custom dungeons in the emulated version of Breath of the Wild on PC. Since then, custom dungeons for Breath of the Wild have been popping up nearly every week. A few have been fully-featured dungeons with puzzles and secrets while others have been quick experiments. As modder HailtoDodongo originally described, these things take time. But modders are tenacious and today brings yet another custom creation to BotW. 

Modder Kreny has uploaded a mod that recreates Skyward Sword's Earth Temple in Breath of the Wild. You can grab it yourself on GameBanana or watch the walkthrough video below (though the creator cautions that this video of course spoils the puzzles).

Although this mod isn't an exact replica of the Skyward Sword version, given that the two games have different items and mechanics, it certainly captures the right vibe. If you watch a playthrough of Skyward Sword's Earth Temple, the inspiration is obvious.

There's a lot of room for custom dungeons to continue growing as modders develop new tools, tricks, and hone their level design skills. Kreny's Earth Temple of course feels the most like a true Zelda dungeon of any of the custom Breath of the Wild maps on GameBanana right now. It pulls directly from some prime Zelda source material as a foundation and guide. 

It will be neat to see how custom-created dungeons for BotW begin developing their own style: whether the game lends itself to particular puzzle setups best, or whether modders start becoming known for their own signature design styles. I just want to see someone recreate one of my own favorite Zelda dungeons: the Snowpeak Ruins from Twilight Princess. 

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