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The Elder Scrolls: Legends arrives on Steam with spectator and 'Gauntlet' modes

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Bethesda's Tamrielic CCG The Elder Scrolls: Legends has been given a major update in the form of a spectator mode and a "recurring competitive tournament mode" called Gauntlet. It is also, finally, now available on Steam.

"Legends’ new Gauntlet mode introduces organized global competitive events, during which players will compete in a series of matches, battling for top spots on a worldwide leaderboard. Top performers in Gauntlet will earn rewards that include Card Packs, Gold and other special in-game prizes," Bethesda explained. "Gauntlet events will vary in size, entry cost and prizing, and will challenge players showcase their performance with their favorite decks." 

The studio also noted that this is the "first iteration" of the spectator mode, which gives fans the ability to watch lives games being played by people on their friends list. "We will be iterating on and refining spectator mode based on player feedback over the coming months," it added. 

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is also now available on Android tablets, and yes, existing card collections for those who are already playing will move between platforms. A mobile phone version is coming later this summer.