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The Blackwell Epiphany launch trailer shows drama, ghosts, a headbutted policeman

Thanks to my eerie psychic powers, I've been able to divine a release date for The Blackwell Epiphany. According to my spooky vision - and to the Wadjet Eye blog , which I was coincidentally reading at the time - the final game of the Blackwell adventure series will be released on April 24th. The spirits are whispering something else, too. Something about the existence of the launch trailer that I am watching right now. You know, sometimes I scare myself.

Priced $14.99, Blackwell Epiphany is now available to pre-order through the site's Humble widget. Doing so will give access to the game's soundtrack, some video extras, and a Steam key on launch.

Concluding the story of psychic PI Rosa Blackwell, Wadjet Eye claim that Epiphany will be the longest Blackwell yet. Hopefully, it'll also keep up the quality of past titles, which cleverly combinbe traditional point-'n-click puzzling with investigative mysteries, and are well worth checking out .

Phil Savage
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