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The Banner Saga 2 gets a launch trailer ahead of April 19 release

Banner Saga 2

The Banner Saga 2 doesn't release for another fortnight, but that hasn't stopped Stoic from releasing its launch trailer today. That's it above, by the way, and if you played the brilliant first instalment you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect: beautifully animated Nords, gorgeous snowy vistas and strategic, turn-based combat.

On the topic of combat, Stoic has worked to make it a bit more involved in this sequel, according to Steven's recent preview. "Each of the fights I encountered during my time with the demo introduced more and more new features into the combat," he wrote. The sequel will also introduce new enemy types, and the combat scenarios will even feature story beats and destructible objects.

The Banner Saga 2 releases April 19. The original game was very good indeed, according to our reviewer Chris Schilling. "There are deeper strategy games, but few where you'll feel quite so invested in the outcome," he wrote.

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