The Banner Saga: Factions beta access available for $15, video shows viking barney

The Banner Saga: Factions is the standalone multiplayer mode for the successfully Kickstarted fantasy RPG, The Banner Saga. It'll be free at launch, but you can pay $15 to gain access to the beta right now. Why the cost? "As our backers have already generously donated we feel that charging a small amount for access to non-backers would be the most fair solution," say Stoic. Those who pay the fee will get a couple of Steam keys and access to future multiplayer updates.

Factions will let you create a team of fantasy viking beefcakes, axemen and archers and level them up in combat against other viking beefcakes. The turn-based formula looks familiar, but there are many classes and an interesting combat system that ties health to power. As a warrior loses health, they grow weaker until they reach the stage where they realise they can no longer lift a tankard of mead and life's light fades from their sorrowful viking souls. See that and more in the latest video.

The single player component will consist of "three full-length campaigns" that exist in the same world as Factions and Stoic say that Factions will chance "as events unfold." Find out more about The Banner Saga: Factions on the Banner Saga site .

Tom Senior

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