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Rocket League v1.16 update will fine-tune vehicle hitboxes

Rocket League

A new patch for Rocket League will carry out a number of pedantic – but consequential – fixes to the game's ball and vehicle hitboxes. Due to roll out this week, v1.16 won't introduce any noticeable changes to more casual players, but it will make the game more fair for the competitive scene. A number of vehicles will be affected, as follows:

  • Fixed Scarab and Grog’s hitboxes, which were not long enough
  • Fixed Breakout and Hotshot’s hitboxes, which were not wide enough
  • Fixed Batmobile and Breakout’s hitboxes, which were abnormally long
  • Fixed Gizmo, Octane, Ripper, and Scarab’s hitboxes, which were too tall
  • Fixed Dominus’ hitbox, which was not long or tall enough

Meanwhile, the ball will behave more realistically in the Wasteland arena, thanks to some collision improvements to the map itself. A bug that allowed Battle-Cars to reach extraordinary heights has also been squashed, which... sounds unfortunate, really.

The patch arrives ahead of the basketball-themed Dunk House mode, which comes bearing its own mode and map based around – you guessed it – basketball.

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