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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam trailer shows off first in-game footage

Rising Storm 2

Rising Storm 2: Vietnam—the sequel to PC Gamer's Multiplayer Game of the Year 2013—shifts the authentic, asymmetrical action from the Pacific Theater of World War 2 to the Vietnam war. Naturally, that means jungles, choppers, and '60s rock and/or roll. Rising Storm 2's newest trailer debuted at the ongoing PC Gamer Weekender, and features all of those things in abundance, in addition to our first glimpse of the game in action. And, what do you know, it's looking pretty good. The lighting, textures and animation all seem improved over the first game, and it's looking like you'll be able to call in airstrikes on your enemies too.

There's no release date yet for the promising sequel, but if you're at the PC Gamer Weekender right now, you're currently being treated to an exclusive look at Rising Storm 2.