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Recompile shows off its flashy hacking powers in a slick new trailer

Recompile, Phigames' 3D Metroidvania, takes place in a messy Mainframe full of half-sentient programmes, which you—a naughty bit of code that's facing deletion—have to escape. The striking new trailer takes us on a brief tour on the Mainframe and some new environments and offers up a first look at some new hacking mechanics. 

Malindy Hetfeld had a chat with Phigames about the art of creating the perfect first game trailer back in July, but I think it's topped it with the new trailer. Recompile's certainly a looker, full of weird environments conjured up by the Mainframe. There are cyberpunk cities, volcanic caverns and floating ruins, all filled with obstacles. It's all just code, though, and thus exploitable. 

You'll be able to hack every environmental feature, apparently, and judging by the trailer the results will results will sometimes be quite explosive. You can shoot and smash your way through obstacles, or you can use your hacking skills to fiddle around with logic gates, letting you pacify enemies or solve puzzles. 

Alternatively, you could just try to be very light on your feet. There's plenty of platforming and you're an agile bit of code, able to dash and jump your way out of trouble, or use your superior acrobatic skills to outmanoeuvre enemies before moving in for the kill.

There's a branching narrative to go along with the Metroidvania mechanics, exploring AI and machine sentience, which will be informed by your playstyle as well as well as more overt choices. Hacking enemies and making them chill the heck out rather than, say, battering them with your digital fists could have consequences later. 

Recompile won't be out until next year, but if you're going to EGX London next week, you'll be able to take the latest build for a spin.

Fraser Brown
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