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Play Tribes: Ascend with us - livestreaming now!


Update: It's over! Thanks for playing with us!

PC Gamer now has its very own Tribes: Ascend server -- [VGW] ! You can find it in Play Now > Custom Servers in the North America - West region. If you like to go fast, join us -- we're playing from 4:00 pm PST (6 pm CST, 7 pm EST, 12 am GMT) until we're going slow. Watch our livestream inside or at -- we'll be giving out codes for free Tribes Gold in the chat!

PCG's San Francisco-based biathlon participants are Evan (pcgevan), Josh (Nereus), Tyler (PCGtyler), and TJ (AsaTJ). If we're lucky a few ringers will join our team -- we'll need lots of help what with those Sandrakers and all their treachery.

If you aren't playing Tribes: Ascend , we highly recommend it . Join us for some casual CTF, won't you?


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