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Phoenix Point trailer sets the grim scene ahead of next week's launch

X-COM spiritual successor Phoenix Point is only a week away from launch, and things aren't looking too hot for Earth, judging by the new trailer. Give it a watch above to see what you're getting yourself in for if you join Project Phoenix. 

The crowdfunded tactics game was originally due out last year, but it was postponed to give the team more time to match the expectations people had after the successful Fig campaign. Designer and X-COM creator Julian Gollop said it had grown larger than initially planned. 

With the release date in sight, the team is working on balance, polish and fixing bugs. Based on feedback from testers, it's reworked faction weapon stats, reduced the frequency of Haven attacks and made missile launchers less accurate. There have been a few other changes, which you can read in the November development update.

Phoenix Point is due out on December 3 at 7 pm GMT/11 am PST. While it's an Epic Games Store exclusive, at least for a year, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will also get access. It should launch on the platform at the same time as the Epic Games Store version, though the timing depends on Microsoft. 

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