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Microsoft Flight Simulator's Japan update is out next week

Microsoft Flight Simulator is getting a Japan expansion next week, complete with new Japanese cities, airports, and landmarks for players to explore. The expansion will be released on September 29 and completely free to download. 

The update adds a bunch of new iconic landmarks to the base game, including Mount Fuji, Yokohama, Kushiro Airport, Itsukushima Shrine, and Japan's bustling capital Tokyo. All these locations have a high-definition glossy sheen thanks to Microsoft's 3D photogrammetry and, from the look of the trailer, they look pretty stunning. 

Microsoft announced the Japanese expansion at the Tokyo Game Show 2020 and you can watch the full presentation with all the update's details below.

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No doubt modders will already be planning new Flight Simulator mods to add to the upgraded archipelago, and we've already seen the likes of Godzilla, The Millennium Falcon, and more modded into the game. We've also been having our own fun with the flight sim at PCG. James' video series Fright Stimulator explores the spookiest strangest places on earth from the safety of his virtual plane.

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