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MechWarrior Online open beta starts Monday, for real this time

Stompy multiplayer robo-tactical shooter MechWarrior Online has been flip-flopping over its pending open beta for a good few weeks now. First it was kicking off on October 16th , then it was delayed , and then it didn't like the look of those teenagers so it decided to keep its giant feet indoors. Thankfully, those teenagers have now wandered off - MWO will begin its open beta (for realsies) on October 29th, or this coming Monday.

While we figure out the best method of inserting the pun 'mecha bingo' into all future coverage of MechWarrior Online, your homework for Monday is to reserve your pilot name , preferably assuming the mantle of someone from the movies. Mech Wahlberg, for example, or - my favourite - Robo with a Shotgun. Feel free to share your own names in the comments.