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Masters of Anima, an action-RTS about a guy who wants to get married, is out today

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Masters of Anima is the new game from Space Run studio Passtech that sees a young lad named Otto, an apprentice of Anima, questing to become a Master so he can marry his fiancee Ana—who by the way is being held hostage by a bad dude named Zahr. It looks like a cross between an action-RPG and an RTS, with lots of things to deal with at once and big boss fights to break up the action. It's also out today on Steam, and that means it's time to kick back and watch a launch trailer.   

Otto, as you would expect, is not just some guy: His ability to wield Anima, which is basically the life force of the magical world of Spark, enables him to summon armies of up to 100 Guardians, who will thrown down against the forces of evil in "strategic, action-packed battles." As Otto earns experience and becomes more powerful, he gains the ability to summon different types of Guardians, who bring different and more powerful abilities to the fight.   

I like Master of Anima's visual style and Passtech promises "intuitive and innovative" support for both controllers and mouse-and-keyboard setups. I haven't played it myself so I have no idea whether it actually delivers on that front, but as someone who likes the idea of RTS games but rages against (and ragequits over) clunky interfaces, I hope Passtech can pull it off. 

Masters of Anima is out today on Steam and will set you back $20/£17/€20. Find out more at