GTA 5 'Angry Planes' mod makes pilots very aggressive

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 11.22.49 am

Update: We have been alerted that this mod contains the keylogging malware Fade.exe. Details, including information on how to remove it, are available here. We did not detect the malware when we first reported on the mod, and apologize for the error.

There's lots of ways to die in GTA 5, but being swarmed by aggravated pilots has not been among them, until now. As the video above demonstrates, a new 'Angry Planes' mod turns Los Santos' otherwise tranquil aircraft pilots against you. Most will just kamikaze in your general direction, but if they happen to be equipped with rockets they'll happily use them on you.

The work of modder Onsby, the mod requires ScriptHookV and full instructions on how to download are over here. For more amusing GTA 5 mods, look no further.

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