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Greedfall’s launch trailer showcases battles with both humans and beasts

Spider has released several Greedfall trailers showcasing what to expect in the new colonial-era RPG when it comes out this month, and this newest trailer teases fleeting moments of the political, religious, and colonial conflict that will lie at the heart of its story. 

Spider explained previously that Greedfall’s story will morph and change with the player’s decisions regarding “diplomacy, deception, and force,” and players will make strategic decisions that ripple outward and impact the rest of the world.

Previously, the companions trailer showcased some of the diplomatic and romance elements of the game as well as the emphasis on building alliances and their effect on quests. The gameplay trailer also showed off a combat system that involves magic, melee, and a “tactical pause option” allowing you to pause the fight to switch abilities and targets.

Spider's previous game, The Technomancer, was only so-so, but the developer keeps taking ambitious swings at the RPG genre. Here's hoping it hits its mark when Greedfall releases September 9.