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GreedFall's new 'Companions Trailer' teases the getting busy bits

GreedFall, if you hadn't heard yet, is the new action RPG coming next month that looks like it will have a lot of elements familiar to hungry Dragon Age fans. One of those features is, of course, companion romances. Spiders (the developer, not actual spiders) has teased the inclusion of romance in GreedFall already but gave us a few more details on the available companions in the trailer at Inside Xbox at Gamescom 2019.

In GreedFall, your character will be a diplomat arriving on the island of Teer Fradee to navigate relationships with different factions. Your companions will all have their own alliances, which will affect how they react to your choices on quests. As has been shown off in some of GreedFall's trailers already, acting against a party member's faction may result in tense situations where your they force you into a violent conflict you can't talk your way out of. 


(Image credit: Focus Home Interactive, Spiders)

As for romance, the trailer mentions the ship captain Vasco, Teer Fradee native Siora, and the scientist Aphra, and your master-of-arms Kurt. They're aligned to the factions Nauts, Natives, Bridge Alliance, and Coin Guard respectively. Presumably, these varying alliances will intersect and conflict with each other out in the world, not just with non-party NPCs. 

We get just a quick look at the sexy bits of GreedFall in a shot with Siora and the protagonist about to get to business. The trailer also specifically calls out the ship captain Vasco as being secretive and closed off, though he'll open up to those who invest time in his personal quests.

Once GreedFall is out, I'm sure fan favorites among the romance options will emerge (and it seems opinions are already forming on the Focus forums). Until September 10th, you can wishlist GreedFall on Steam.

Lauren Morton

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