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Gods Will Be Watching adds free epilogue chapter

Gods Will Be Watching

Are those gods still watching us? Geez, give it a rest. Give planet Rygel IV a look some time, they're much more interesting. We'll forgive them this last time though, as they're watching over a new, free epilogue chapter to the choice-led adventure that shares their name. That came out yesterday, and the game is having a big old Steam sale to celebrate.

This will be the last you hear from Gods Will Be Watching, as there are no sequels planned for the game Richard Cobbett once described as "81%".

Gods Will Be Watching: The Automagically Updated Epilogue Bit is "set twenty years after the close of the original game, you will again be tasked with making tough decisions in the tense conflict enveloping the galaxy. Liam, the leader of the fallen freedom fighter organization Xenolifer, gathers the scattered members of Sgt. Burden’s old unit and embarks on a desperate quest to change the past and prevent the oppressive Constellar Federation from ever coming to power".

That sounds suitably conclusiony! And £1.74 seems like a very nice price—it jacks back up to normal on the 2nd of June.