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Gears Tactics is among 7 new games coming to Xbox Game Pass for PC

(Image credit: The Coalition)

Gears Tactics will launch straight onto Xbox Game Pass for PC when it releases on April 28, but it won't be the only new game joining the service. Microsoft announced seven titles joining the catalogue "soon", and there are some gems among the list.

Most gem-like is Gato Roboto, a retro-styled Metroidvania starring a cat-controlled mech. As far as recent indie platformers go, it's one of the best I've played.

Another highlight is Levelhead, a platformer creation toolkit that looks as intuitive as Mario Maker, but also slightly more flexible. It's amassed a 'very positive' rating on Steam

Elsewhere there's Deliver Us The Moon, HyperDot, Machinarium and The Long Dark. The latter is excellent: in his review Andy described it as "deep, brutal, and hauntingly atmospheric."

There's also a handful of games leaving the service. Each currently has a 20 percent discount if you want to buy them outright. They include The Banner Saga 2, Bomber Crew, Full Metal Furies, Ruiner, Silence: The Whispered World 2 and Smoke and Sacrifice.

You can see the full Xbox Game Pass for PC game list here

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