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Far Cry 4 DLC out today, trailer shows us what it's all about

Fc4 Dlc 030 Chopper

Someone's let Ubisoft at the trailers again. Admittedly, this one may be more useful than most. It's a montage walkthrough of Escape From Durgesh Prison—the timed-trial permadeath DLC pack that releases today for Far Cry 4.

In it, players get thirty minutes to reach a given extraction point, and are given a series of extra missions along the way. Those missions contribute to the final mission, adding a variety of extra goodies such as a mounted gun or caged animal.

The gimmick of this particular set of missions is the permadeath. Die during the escape, and there's no reloading—you'll have to start over for another chance at a perfect run.

Escape From Durgesh Prison should arrive later today, available either with Far Cry 4's season pass or as a standalone add-on.

Phil Savage
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