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Fallout: The Frontier will bring tank battles and space stations to New Vegas

A new trailer for Fallout: The Frontier, a total conversion for Fallout: New Vegas just dropped, and even if it doesn't live up to the variety and scope of what's implied in the trailer, I'm so happy it exists. Set to a melodramatic and inspiring Murakami cover, the trailer is a wild montage of icy post-apocalyptic Portland, low-gravity space combat, rusty and spiked Mad Max car gangs, and exploding tanks. For a mod to a game that's over six years old, it's pretty damn cool.

The Frontier appears to be leaning into Fallout's large scale battles, which we've abused aplenty using console commands. But with some new variables like vehicle combat and an active weapon-modding system, large scale combat has potential to be more than two massive waves of bodies fumbling around until one plops down before the other. In combination with a hit indicator modand a live weapon modification mod,  the combat feels even more lively. VATS? More like nah-TS. I'm sorry.

It's enough to make it look like an entirely new game, of a similar scale to Enderal, a recent total conversion for Skyrim that we were pretty impressed with. There's just no set release date for The Frontier, which makes sense. These are typically passion projects from people that can only work on them in their spare time, but to ease up on the mystery the development team recently opened up a Discord channel to chat about the game as it's developed, and everyone's invited

Whenever The Frontier eventually releases, you can be sure we'll play it and let you know whether it's worth the time, but until that happens, have a gander at the development videos below that show off a few of the new systems and locations in combination with a few standalone mods. The quick loot system looks extremely convenient.

James Davenport
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