Fallout 76 patch nerfs Two Shot and Explosive legendary damage

Another week, another patch for Fallout 76. For PC users, it clocks in at around 500 MB and contains a number of tweaks and fixes, big nerfs on Two Shot and Explosive legendary damage, and an interesting cap on carry weight that could have an impact on item hoarders and players still hauling around duplicated loot.

Player carry weight is now capped at 1,500 pounds over the player's current maximum carry weight. "For example: If your carry weight limit is 210 pounds, then your maximum limit is 1,710 pounds," the notes say. Players who are currently over that new cap won't be able to add new items or caps to their inventory until they reduce their carry weight below the new limit.

"These limits exist primarily to keep servers from performing poorly, which can happen when we have too many items in the game world," the notes read. "They also play role in helping to regulate the in-game economy. We do recognize the desire to be able to own more of the cool items that we have in the game, and we are looking into a variety of solutions, including increasing the stash size. We will be sure to talk more about this when they are ready."

There are also a few balance changes to perks: Demolition Expert has been nerfed, with bonuses no longer increasing by 20% each rank after the first but instead by 10%, meaning five ranks gives you a 60% bonus instead of 100%. Similarly, White Knight and Licensed Plumber now begin at 20% and rise to 60% at the third rank, instead of starting at 30% and rising to 90%.

Also noteworthy: combining the Explosive legendary mod with Two Shot legendary weapons resulted in a bit more boom-boom than Bethesda is comfortable with. "The Explosive legendary mod’s damage bonus has been reduced from +100% to +20% of base weapon damage, with explosive radius damage. The Two Shot legendary effect’s damage bonus has been reduced from +100% to +25% of base weapon damage."

You can read the full patch notes here. Patch notes from earlier updates can be viewed on the following pages.