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Epic's Paragon gets first trailer, Spring Early Access date

Paragon Screenshot 1

That was a pretty good hashtag PlayStation Experience, even if most of the good stuff was (understandably) console only. Epic's Paragon was one of few PC-related reveals: a shooty sci-fi MOBA that we already knew about, even if we hadn't seen any actual footage yet. For the past couple of months, Epic has been showing off rotating renders of some of its heroes, and now we finally know what Paragon looks like.

It looks like a very pretty, very Epic third-person shooter, with some MOBA-y stuff sprinkled on the top. Look, here's 58 seconds of hulking warriors clobbering each other:

We also have a release date. Release dates, even. Paragon will hit paid (I've bolded that in case you were wondering if it was Free to Play) Early Access in Spring 2016, followed by an open beta in the Summer.