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Dragon Age 2 gets new pre-order bonuses, pre-orders now available on Steam

Dragon Age 2 preorder bonuses

A new set of pre-order bonuses have been unveiled for Dragon Age 2. If you pre-order the game before March 8th you'll get a magical blade and a shield with a lion's noggin on it. For buying the game new, you'll also get access to the Black Emporium, a secret shop buried under the city of Kirkwall. Pre-orders are also now available on Steam.

Those who bought the signature edition, which comes with the Exiled Prince DLC pack, will receive the new pre-order bonuses for free. The pre-order loot includes the following.

The Fadeshear blade

  • Improves with each level-up

  • additional damage vs. demons and undead

The Lion of Orlais shield

  • 2 rune slots

  • Adds to health

  • Adds to % XP gain

The Black Emporium is unlocked by a single use code that comes with the game, so second hand buyers won't get access. It's a store that sells magic items. It's restocked as the game goes on and according to Bioware, "has some of the best equipment you'll find in the game", including:

  • A loyal mabari hound that fights at your side in battle.

  • The "Mirror of Transformation". Gaze into it and you can change your very appearance.

  • A crafting store which sells powerful unique recipes.

For more information head over to the Dragon Age 2 site . Pre-orders are now available at retailers and through Steam .

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