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Doomfist officially joins the Overwatch lineup next week

After a little less than two weeks on the Overwatch PTR, Blizzard has announced that Doomfist, the world's foremost knuckle sandwich artist, will go live on July 27.   

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Doomfist's design is rooted in 2D fighting games, so one of Blizzard's priorities was to make his moves feel "impactful," and at least one developer, assistant art director Arnold Tsang, seems well satisfied with the results so far. "Everything that the sound guys did, the VFX artists and the animators, they really sell that impact," he says in the video. "The first time you hold down that right-click, and you just square somebody in the face and they bounce off a wall—man, this is my character." 

An official rundown of Doomfist's abilities is up at, and we've got some professional analysis of his strengths and weaknesses that you can dig into here. And in case you missed it, we also had a really fun chat with Terry Crews, who despite his initial enthusiasm for voicing Doomfist says he's not at all upset that he didn't get the job—and isn't giving up on the possibility of doing something else with Blizzard in the future.