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Do what you're told (or else) in freaky, free horror game Sentient

(Image credit: Forma)

Do you have free will? You decide the answer is 'yes.' But it's a question that Sentient posits as it traps you inside a tiny room. Not to be confused with the exceedingly ambitious '90s adventure game, this Sentient is a mysterious 'n' cruel first-person horror-ish game that's a little bit PT, a little bit SCP Foundation.

It's you and a voice on a speaker system, which tells you to do things, baffling things, inside your miserable little cell. Turn around a number of times. Face that wall, that sort of thing. And, to respond to binary yes/no questions, you fling a tennis ball to the left or right of the room.

It doesn't really go anywhere, this 'playable teaser' for the bigger Forma project. But it does offer a glimpse of a world, an unsettling and creepy one at that. I'm intrigued to see what Forma will offer next.

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