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DLSS support coming to Monster Hunter: World July 17

(Image credit: Capcom)

Monster Hunter: World looks pretty dang good on PC. So good, in fact, that it hasn't been able to run at 60fps in 4K with even the beefiest graphics card. For Nvidia RTX card users, this is changing when Monster Hunter: World adds DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) on July 17. Just in time for Monster Hunter: World Iceborne.

Nvidia is saying that DLSS support should boost Monster Hunter: World's performance in 4K "by up to 50% in the game’s most demanding moments." In the graph below, you can see how much of a boost you can expect depending on your RTX card.

(Image credit: Nvidia)

If you're looking to crank World up to its max settings with a 2080 Ti card (and a nice processor), you can make it all the way to 70fps on average at 4K. A standard 2080 will fall just short of 60fps, while the 2070 and 2060 are stuck in the 40 and 30 ranges, respectively.

The 2060 might only make it up to a 37fps average, but that's a lot better than the near-unplayable 23 average without DLSS. It's not glamorous, but it may be the most significant upgrade of the bunch.

To make sure you're ready for World's DLSS update, Nvidia recommends installing its latest drivers.

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