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Cube World still in development, next update "coming along nicely"

Cube World had something of a messy launch back in July, thanks to a bittersweet and server straining combination of enthusiasm and DDoS attacks. The internet waters having calmed, people were finally able to buy the voxel RPG, but in the months that followed, the alpha received no further updates. With players fearing development had been abandoned, developer Wolfram von Funck used Twitter to assuage their worry.

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In addition, von Funck gave Kotaku a fuller, less character restricted answer:

"The new update is coming along nicely. We're still experimenting with some features and are working on an improved launcher. At the moment there's just a lot of work going on behind the scenes, like customer support, server/website development, and we're currently moving to a new apartment with more space for our development studio.

"There's an option for a smaller user interface, the controls will be configurable and there are a few new creatures," he continued, when asked about what the future update would contain. "We're tweaking game balance to make it easier at lower levels and harder at higher levels. We're also experimenting with some major changes but I'm not sure yet which ones will make it into the next patch."

When pressed for a release date for the update, von Funck said, "we're doing our best to release the update as soon as we can, but I'm really bad at estimating."

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