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Crysis 2 patch improves anti-cheat measures

Crysis 2 Thumbnail - Multiplayer

Anyone whose been shot by a permanently cloaked, permanently armoured enemy in Crysis 2 multiplayer will know that the game still has problems with cheaters. Crytek hope to crack down on hacks with their latest patch. The update focuses on fixing a number of multiplayer bugs, improving the UI, fixing login issues and improving anti-cheat measures. You'll find the latest patch notes below.

The patch is out now, and will automatically download when Crysis 2 is launched. Crytek say that Steam users may experience some slow install times, and that they're working on a fix for that now. Bluesnews spotted the patch notes on the Crysis 2 forums .

  • Further improved anti-cheat measures
  • Fix for spurious characters appearing when initiating text chat
  • Fix for Chatlog doesn't disappear after kill cam
  • Fixed occasional login issues
  • Changed VOIP defaults
  • Fixed some UI aspect issues on multiple monitors
  • Added option for crouch toggle in MP & SP
  • Fixed a bug where players lost Nano Catalyst points after restarting the game
  • Filter settings in server browser are now retained
  • Default player count required to start a game from the lobby lowered to 4
  • Fixed issue related to “Deleting Reference Counted Object Twice” error that appeared for some users with strict router/firewall settings
  • Fixed issue of not being able to melee after dying
  • Fixed issue where some video cards were being stated as unsupported
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