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Cortex Command coming to Steam this week, massive new video

Data Realms' brilliant four-player tactical battler has been in development for eleven years , and

for a good chunk of that time it's been in beta. You probably played the beta demo back in the day,

before forgetting all about it and assuming it was vapourware by now. Well it isn't. In fact, as this

blog post on the official site reveals, the long-awaited 1.0 release is coming this month – which

means sometime this week – oh and it's going to be on Steam. That's a lot of megatons

right there.

If you haven't had the pleasure of playing it, Cortex Command is a tactical multiplayer battle game

with destructible terrain, reminiscent of Worms. Unlike that annelid classic, however, the game also

features base building, built-in modding tools, and robots. So many robots. As a disembodied brain

in a jar, you use these robots for own devious ends, simply buying more when they go the way of

Arnie in Terminator 2.

This 1.0 release finishes up the game's campaign mode, adding an exciting-looking X-COM-style

metagame to proceedings. See it for yourself in the exhaustive 1.0 preview video below.