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Bethesda releases uncut Fallout 4 "Gameplay Exploration" video

Fallout 4 deathclaw

Did you miss Bethesda's Fallout 4 presentation during the Xbox press event at E3? Do you wish you could see it again, without anybody talking over it? Would you like to watch it again just because, hey, it's Fallout 4? Whatever your reason, now is your chance.

The trailer runs about 5 and a half minutes, and it's not the most action-packed thing I've ever seen, but it's nicely stitched together to hit all the major talking points. The wasteland appears to be a far more colorful place than we've seen recently, we meet Codsworth, Dogmeat (although I prefer to call him Doogie Bowser), and Preston Garvey, and enjoy a new perspective on things from inside power armor. The updated VATS, which slows, rather than pauses, combat also gets a few moments in the spotlight.

There's nothing new in here, but it's still really cool to see it all strung together, without interruption. Fallout 4 will be out on November 10.

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