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Battleborn trailer shows the Borderlandsy MOBA in action

Battleborn 3

Battleborn might sound like the unholy fusion of Star Wars Battlefront and Bloodborne, but in reality it's Borderlands meets MOBAs, which might be alright? This is certainly looking like a boisterous, cheery and colourful FPS, and the more of those that are in the world the better. Like a lot of things, Battleborn was showcased at this year's E3, and now a 23-minute blast of footage has burst forth from the event.

Unlike Overwatch's tiresome trailer-per-character marketing campaign, Gearbox and 2K seem content to load this one, massive trailer with all the character knowledge you could possibly need, surrounding it with loads of gameplay footage and information about how the game plays. If you're curious about Battleborn, and you enjoyed the comedy dialogue of the various Borderlandses, watch it, basically.

Edwin went hands on with the game a few weeks ago. You can read his wordthoughts about that here.