Zarya goes into action in new Overwatch gameplay video

Zarya 03

Earlier today, we spent some time with Bastion, an Overwatch character who is literally a transforming tank. Now it's time to look at a different kind of tank: Zarya, a muscular, pink-haired Russian who carries a gun the size of a Volkswagen.

Zarya looks (and sounds) quite a bit like the Heavy from Team Fortress 2, but as we noted in our PAX hands-on in March, her playstyle is quite a bit different. She appears considerably more mobile in combat, and her Particle Cannon is more defensive in nature: Rather than laying down sustained heavy fire, it projects either a short-range particle beam or an energy grenade. It can also emit an energy barrier that shields either Zarya or a teammate from enemy fire, boosting the cannon's power in the process. Her ultimate is a gravity bomb that pulls in enemies and deals damage while they're trapped.

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