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Anthem release date set for fall 2018 (Updated)

Update: The YouTube channel's about page has now been updated with a 'fall 2018' release date. Surely the spring timeframe was just a mistake, but I prefer to think we've just witnessed the fastest game announcement and delay in history. Original story below.

We recently heard that BioWare's new IP, revealed today as Anthem, would release in FY2019, which means sometime between Spring 2018 and Spring 2019. It turns out, at least if the game's YouTube channel is to be believed, that BioWare and EA are striving to hit the earliest end of that timeframe.

"Welcome to the official YouTube channel for Anthem, a new game from EA's BioWare studio," reads the channel's 'about' page. "Explore a landscape of primeval beauty, confront the dangers you find, and grow in power with every step. Subscribe now to see the latest Anthem gameplay videos and trailers. Release Date: Spring 2018"

Anthem could be delayed of course, as EA and BioWare games sometimes are, but the big gameplay reveal happening at tomorrow's Microsoft event does suggest that they're ready to start promoting Anthem wholeheartedly—as opposed to waiting for next year's E3, were it going to release later in 2018.

Thanks to Wccftech, who noticed this before us.

Tyler Wilde

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