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An RGB toilet and more weird Black Friday deals you didn't know you wanted

RGB Toilet Light
(Image credit: Chunace)

We've been keeping track of the best Black Friday PC gaming deals since long before Black Friday actually started—and we'll keep at it all weekend until Cyber Monday rears its money-saving head. 

In the course of our tireless searches for deals you definitely want, we've also come across a few weird deals, too. While they're a little on the stranger side of things, we still have to admit we're tempted to buy them on this holiest of all shopping holidays. Here are the weirdest Black Friday deals we didn't know we wanted until we saw them.

RGB Toilet Lights | $10.39 (Save $2.60)

(Image credit: Chunace)

You've got RGB lighting on your keyboard, your mouse, and maybe even your RAM. Why not your toilet, too? The full name of this deal is "Rechargeable Toilet Bowl Night Light, 16 Colors Motion Sensor Detection LED Lights, Funny & Unique Birthday Gifts Idea for Dad, Men, Kids - Cool Fun Gadget, Best Gag Stocking Stuffers". 

Ask for it by name, if you can remember all that. Also, I wonder why mom and women aren't included—don't women want to poop into glowing toilets too? Why is that a man and kids-only thing?

Anyway, the idea of an RGB toilet initially seems like it sucks, but does it really? This is the future, after all. I think, if anything, more things should be glowing. Add a bit of sci-fi to your next trip to the bathroom.

USB Otoscope-Ear Camera | $31.99 (Save $18)

(Image credit: Anykit)

Have you been blindly removing wax from your ears your whole life like some kind of chump? Well, now you can refuse—refuse to remove wax blindly with the USB Otoscope-Ear Scope Camera.

Okay, it seems gross, but much the same way I kind of want to own a stethoscope so I can listen to my own heartbeat, I also kind of want to see what going on inside my own stupid head with one of these things. Why should my doctor have all the fun? Let me peer into my own holes, too, in the comfort of my home. It's marked down from $50 to $31.99.

Vector Robot | $86.49 (Save $163.50)

(Image credit: Anki)

Here we are in November 2019, the time of Blade Runner, and we still don't have our own personal replicants to do the jobs we don't want to do and then betray us and crush our heads into red pulp with their bare hands. But while reality has fallen short of that beautiful dream, you should at least have some sort of robot in your home by now, don't you think?

Vector Robot is selling at a deep discount and it can do things like drive around your house, tell you the weather, answer questions (it has Alexa built in), and take pictures. There's no more flattering angle for a photo than looking up at you from floor-level, right? Right. It's not quite the cheery Blade Runner future we were promised, but then again you probably won't have to hunt the Vector Robot down when it goes rogue.

USB LED Clock Fan | $12.99 (Save $1)

(Image credit: ONXE)

It's a meager dollar off, but a spinning fan with the time projected on it you can plug into a USB port is great for two reasons. First, there's just something mesmerizing about watching time slipping inexorably away as we march ever closer to the eternal oblivion of the grave, and now you can watch it happen as you stare into quickly spinning blades. It's as if your very life is being chopped and diced by that whirling fan, second by second. Tick, tock. Chop, chop.

Hm, I can't remember what the second reason was.

Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: Batman vs. Superman | $19.49 (Save $5.50)

(Image credit: Mattel Games)

There's probably not a more disappointing adaptation of a graphic novel than the film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, which took the premise of Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns and shit all over it with three hours of Jesse Eisenberg twitches and giggles. Screw you, Zack Snyder.

But now you can host your own adaptation with Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots: Batman vs. Superman. This time, you can make them fight for the right reasons (Superman is a government stooge), forget that in the film Superman was framed for shooting a bunch of people in the desert (huh?), skip over Bruce Wayne's extended fever dreams that were a poor attempt to set up the DC cinematic universe, and do away completely with the stupid "My Mom was named Martha too!" revelation. The best part is, your Batman vs. Superman fights will be over in a few seconds and won't take an entire evening to get through.

The former home of Sierra On-Line founders ($2.3 million)

(Image credit: Real Living Real Estate)

If you're looking for a piece of gaming history, and if you have $2.3 million dollars, and if you don't mind spending it on a house with five bedrooms and only one full bathroom—but also five half-bathrooms (???)—have I got a Black Friday deal for you! The former California home of Sierra On-Line founders Ken and Roberta Williams is up for grabs.

It does look pretty nice, a sprawling 6,600 square feet situated on five acres, and there's an indoor racquetball court with an Apple logo engraved in the floor, which is exactly the type of thing a rich person who doesn't know how to spend money would spend money on. There's also a dance floor for when you're feeling a bit Leisure Suit Larry. There's no stated Black Friday markdown, but this is real estate: I bet you can haggle a few hundred grand off the listed price.

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