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Alien: Isolation 'Corporate Lockdown' DLC announced

Alien Isolation

So far, the base game of Alien: Isolation is proving to be all the crippling terror I need. Eventually, though, I'll emerge from my locker, and make my way through the game. And then? Well, there'll be more game. Creative Assembly has announced 'Corporate Lockdown'; Isolation's first add-on content. It will add three new maps for the game's survivor mode—each expanding the Sevastopol's story.

"In ‘Corporate Lockdown’, Seegson Executive Ransome has learnt that he has been abandoned by his paymasters," explains the press release. "Knowing that the Torrens is on the way, he decides to make his escape and hitch a ride on board, taking decoded Nostromo data with him. However, while escaping he wants to tie up a few loose ends."

In addition to the maps, the add-on will introduce Gauntlet mode—challenging players to complete all three Survivor challenges back-to-back without dying.

Back to the locker, then. Corporate Lockdown is due out 28 October, costing £5.59 / $8. It'll be followed by four subsequent packs.

Phil Savage
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