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A Road That May Lead Nowhere is your new relaxation game and audio accompaniment

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Indie developer Ian MacLarty, who is responsible for experimental games including the eye-bending madness simulator The Catacombs of Solaris, has just released something new. This one's called A Road That May Lead Nowhere and it's much less likely to mess with your eyeballs.

It's a simple driving game, controlled with the arrow keys or WASD, in which you drive through peaceful countryside that slowly changes. There's no audio, which makes it perfect for giving your hands and eyes something to do while you listen to music or a podcast as some of us like to.

The story behind its creation is an unusual one. MacLarty tweeted that he was going to "jam out a game this weekend" and let people vote on four options. "A road that leads nowhere" won with 33% of the votes (it was inspired by the final line of a JM Coetzee book) and, a couple of days later, this game is the result.

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You can download A Road That May Lead Nowhere from If you play it, let us know where it takes you. 

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