Atomic Heart’s first new trailer in a year is 100% absolute Soviet-themed bonkers

(Image credit: Mundfish)
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I have only the vaguest idea what’s going on in the brand new trailer for Atomic Heart, but I am very much in love with it. The wonderful Soviet-themed immersive sim we first saw last year has come a long way since we first got a look at it, and had a few controversies too—accusations of faked gameplay footage and managerial incompetence. It was otherwise pretty quiet. Last month’s 45-minute gameplay slice was the first we’d seen in a long while. Now this, as well, a trailer I have watched several times. Feast your eyes on “the laboratory of the USSR, which is used to carry out experiments on people and construct robots.” 

Look, at this point, I don’t even really care if the game comes out. This imagery is great. I’m entertained nonetheless. This trailer contains multiple brilliant things, in no particular order: A flying worm creature that is a mining drill. A creepy robot saying hello. A floppy frog robot-ball. A cute lil murderous waddling mining drill robot. Spinning centrifuge things that are doing god knows what. Some kind of fluid that defies gravity and also you can swim in. I like all of these things just as ideas, let alone something that might show up in a game some time.

Here’s everything we know about Atomic Heart. You can also check out Mundfish’s website (opens in new tab) and the game’s Steam page. (opens in new tab) 

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