Atomic Heart is an alternate Soviet-era shooter that echoes BioShock, Nier: Automata and Stalker

Atomic Heart's abandoned Soviet-era setting echoes Stalker. Its incongruous architecture, reclaimed by nature, and hostile automatons reflect Nier: Automata. And its ensemble of gibbering nasties, first-person perspective, and, of course, penchant for battering baddies with blunt objects reminds me of BioShock. 

Which is to say: Atomic Heart looks promising. Developed by Moscow outfit Mundfish, it's due at some point this year. Feast your eyes on an action-packed trailer:

Atomic Heart describes itself as an adventure first-person shooter, set in an alternative universe "during the high noon of the Soviet Union". Players fill the shoes of a special agent sent to a top secret facility—Facility 3826—by the Soviet government, after contact with the area was lost. 

Within, players are met with a robot revolt, the dev explains on its official site, as they strive to restore peace and order. Moreover, Mundfish makes mention of "mind-boggling" abominations, experiments and the dead rising—which may be what's driving those gazeless gigglers in the trailer above. I'm terrified already. 

Again, no hard launch date for Atomic Heart just yet, but its Steam page reckons its due in 2018. Mundfish is also working on Soviet Luna Park VR, which is due at some point this month.