Asus is readying ROG Strix branded 650W and 750W power supplies

(Image credit: Asus)

Asus is prepping a couple of new power supplies under its ROG Strix banner, including a 750W model and a 650W model. These will not be as fully featured as the company's Thor series, but come with the promise of "premium components" and "robust cooling."

Never heard of the Thor series? Asus made its entry into the branded PSU market last September with two higher-wattage Thor models: 1,200W and 850W. They are based on Seasonic's Prime series, "but optimized on components and heatsinks," Asus said at the time.

The new ROG Strix models are lower-wattage options, and they also lose the OLED panel that Asus slapped on the corner of its Thor series. Those net reductions mean lower prices, though don't expect these new models to be cheap—according to Guru3D, pricing will be €159.90 for the 750W version and €139.90 for the 650W model.

It's not clear how pricing will shake out in the US, but based on a straight currency conversion, the 750W model would go for around $179 and the 650W for around $157. Treat those as ballpark figures, though, as pricing often varies by territory.

Assuming those are in the neighborhood of the actual pricing, Asus will be asking a premium for these models, even with 80 Plus Gold certification factored into the equation. For example, here are a few 80 Plus Gold PSUs at cheaper price points:

Asus is hoping its "cosmetic customization" options (magnetic logos and sticks, not RGB lighting) and branding will set its ROG Strix PSUs apart. It's also suggested that these will run silent during idle and low loads, with the 135mm axial fan only kicking on as needed.

Look for these new PSUs to arrive in September.

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