Asus is releasing a power supply with a built-in OLED display

Asus is expanding its product lineup to now include power supplies, and it's looking to make a splash with its first model by implementing an OLED display into the PSU's chassis.

The new ROG Thor is the first consumer PSU featuring an integrated OLED power display. It shows real-time power usage so you can see what kind of wattage your system is pulling from the wall at any given time. There are software solutions that do the same thing, though if your PSU is visible inside your case, we suppose this could come in handy for some people.

Of course, RGB lighting is part of the package too. There are addressable RGB LEDs that users can customize with Aura Sync-compatible motherboards.

Beyond the bling, the guts of the ROG Thor are based on Seasonic's Prime series, "but optimized on components and heatsinks." According to Asus, the integrated ROG heatsinks have 2x more volume than traditional designs, resulting in 20 percent lower temps inside. It also features "top-end Japanese capacitors" and is 80 Plus Platinum certified.

To the company's credit, Seasonic has a reputation for building reliable power supplies. It's also backing the ROG Thor with a 10-year warranty, save for the OLED display and RGB lighting, which are guaranteed for three years.

This is a fully modular power supply with sleeved cables. There are two models: 1200W and 850W. The 1200W will be available later this month for $250 (€250). The 850W model will also hit stores this month, though pricing has yet to be announced.

Paul Lilly

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