How to find King Burgred in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

AC Valhalla tilting the balance location
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Looking for the AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance location? The Kingmaker's quest chain is a fairly long one and tasks you with locating the king of Mercia. If you're keen to track down the runaway king and bring peace to 9th century England, I've got everything you need to know to find King Burgred.

Once you've reached the part of the Kingmaker's Saga quest chain that leads you to Templebrough to find and capture Queen Aethelswith, you will discover that the king is hiding in an old crypt—that's when you get the Tilting the Balance quest. Even if tracked, this quest won't show a quest marker on the map, so you'll need to check the clues to figure out the location. So read on to find King Burgred and the AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance location.

How to find the AC Valhalla Tilting the Balance location

Once you've picked up the quest in Tamworth, you have the choice of jumping in your longboat and sailing or going by land. Sailing takes you near borders of higher-level areas so if you've got a fairly low gear score, horseback is probably the safer bet. 

Mount up and head roughly southwest from Tamworth. You'll pass near AC Valhalla Venonis and you should keep heading southwest from there to the point where the rivers Arwy and Alny meet. Use your Raven to scout the area and you should spot the small encampment and as Eivor draws close, you'll discover AC Valhalla Offchurch. The crypt is located to the southwest of here. Unfortunately, the door is blocked so you'll need to head into the encampment itself to find the second entrance.

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The place is fairly heavily guarded so it's up to you how you proceed. You can stealth your way in and take out enemies with your bow or charge straight in. Whichever way you choose, you're heading for the big church building in the middle of the encampment. Head inside and locate stairs leading downwards. It's worth exploring as you'll find a lot of goodies down here, as well as an AC Valhalla Book of Knowledge.

If you want to head straight to the king, go down the main stairs from the door, and keep going straight until you reach an intersection. Take the right path down some darkened stairs and cut straight across the next room, through a door and into another large room. There's an enemy here so be careful. Once you've taken care of him, loot him for a key and open one of the locked doors at the end of the room to find the king.

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