Who betrayed Rollo in the Assassin's Creed Valhalla Old Wounds quest?

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Who is the traitor in AC Valhalla Old Wounds quest? 9th century England is a treacherous place and if you've explored as far as Essexe and started the story arc there, this is a question you'll be presented with during the Old Wounds quest.

The setup is similar to the AC Valhalla Stench of Treachery traitor decision back near the beginning of the game, but this time you have just two suspects. And like Soma's story arc, you'll need to do a bit of investigating to figure out who has betrayed Rollo. You'll need to choose between Gerhild and Lork and making the wrong choice could have potentially dire consequences.

If you'd rather figure it out for yourself, leave now. Otherwise read on to discover who is the AC Valhalla Old Wounds traitor.

Who betrayed Rollo in the AC Valhalla Old Wounds quest? 

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During the Old Wounds quest in Essexe, Rollo will take you to an encampment where the two suspects are located. You'll have the opportunity to question both of them and search around the camp for clues.

If you're still stumped as to who betrayed Rollo after you've exhausted all dialogue options and found the clues using your Odin's Sight, here's the culprit. 

The traitor is Gerhild

Speak to Rollo and tell him you're ready to choose. Once you pick Gerhild she will then be executed. If you make the wrong choice and choose Lork instead, Gerhild will walk free and will make things much trickier for you later on in the Essexe story arc.

To reach the right conclusion, you should question both suspects until you've run out of dialogue options. Initially, both will say they were out hunting and Lork says he saw Gerhild speaking with an unknown Saxon. After examining the camp for clues using your Odin's Sight—specifically, a hunting rack and a hiding spot in the grass—Lork changes his story to say that he fell asleep then hid in the tall grass during the attack. 

Gerhild, on the other hand, claims that she was meeting a lover, and that's who Lork saw her with. At least, that's what she wants you to believe. She was meeting the Saxon to conspire against Rollo.

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