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The Assassin's Creed Valhalla Hugr-Rip grants Havi some powerful new abilities. While Eivor had a wealth of passive skills and active abilities to choose from, Dawn of Ragnarok introduces a new abilities section that you can change during gameplay by defeating particular enemy types and taking their powers. You'll also finally be free from the dangers of scaling cliffs as you can turn into a raven and fly high to new locations that hoard some special loot. 

But how do you get the Hugr-Rip, and how does it work? There are some minor spoilers for Ragnarok ahead, so read on at your own peril.

How to get the Hugr-Rip in Assassin's Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok 

As you once again assume the role of Havi in Dawn of Ragnarok, you're off to Svartalfheim to search for your son, Baldr, who has been kidnapped by the Muspels. The Muspels have also decided that it's about time they enslaved and murdered the dwarves, and Havi quickly becomes embroiled in the war between the two.

After visiting Valka and returning to Svartalfheim in a fiery blaze, you'll begin the Into the Fire quest in which you'll need to seek out a shelter with two rescued dwarves, Sigrun and Halstein. As thanks for your help, you'll receive the Hugr-Rip, a powerful piece of dwarven kit that lets you absorb powers from fallen enemies. You can upgrade its various powers, unlock extra slots to have more than two powers active at a time and can even add a second Hugr bar so that the magic lasts longer.

You'll equip it in a cutscene and can start using it right away, but you'll need to gather Hugr first.

What Hugr is and how to collect it 

Hugr is essentially life essence or soul, at least in the Assassin's Creed universe. Hugr Blooms attract the lost souls of the dead and are sustained by them, collecting small amounts of Hugr from the souls. It's a valuable commodity in Svartalfheim and there are three ways to gather Hugr: 

  • From Yggdrasil Shrines, where you can sacrifice a portion of your health to regain Hugr 
  • From Hugr Blooms, which are large glowing flowers found all over 
  • By killing enemies 

You'll need to gather Hugr from around five Hugr Blooms to fill one bar, so make sure you keep an eye on it. As you use a power, you'll see the blue circle around the active power deplete until there's none left. If you have the second Hugr bar unlocked, you can reactivate to keep it going twice as long. 

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How to get Hugr-rip powers 

Now you've equipped the Hugr-Rip and have gathered some Hugr, it's time to unleash some real Asgardian power. There are five powers you can collect and after you've used a power once, it'll be upgradable when you visit a blacksmith, providing you have the right materials. The powers are: 

  • Power of Muspelheim: gathered from fallen Muspel enemies, this power makes you resistant to fire and lava, as well as turning you into a Muspel temporarily so that you can sneak past them. 
  • Power of the Raven: gathered from giant ravens, this power lets you fly to reach new heights and well-hidden Muspel loot. 
  • Power of Winter: gathered from fallen Jotun, this power has your weapons inflict ice damage with a chance to freeze Muspels, and deals 30 percent more damage to Muspel Giants. Enemies that are frozen can be shattered, too. 
  • Power of Rebirth: deceased foes are reanimated to fight alongside you and your weapons will be set ablaze so that you can set enemies on fire. 
  • Power of Jotunheim: you'll be able to disguise yourself as a Jotun and dodges and rolls will teleport you a short distance. You can also fire your bow at World Knots, which glow red when highlighted, to teleport around an area. 

To get a new power, look for enemies with a glowing blue icon above them. When they're defeated, approach them and, when prompted, acquire the power and choose a slot for it. To use a newly-acquired power, at least one of your Hugr bars must be full. 

Alongside upgrading the powers, you can upgrade the Hugr Reaver, which unlocks the second Hugr bar. Enemies that you can draw powers from often drop fragments that you'll need to upgrade said powers at the Blacksmith. You'll also need Silica, which you can gather during raids. There's also The Highest One upgrades, where one can be selected to suit your playstyle.

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