How to find and solve the Fly Agaric puzzles in Assassin's Creed Valhalla

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Having trouble figuring out the Fly Agaric puzzles in AC Valhalla? You're not alone. These puzzles don't come with a handy set of instructions, and working out how to solve each one can be a little tricky.

The Fly Agaric puzzles can be found throughout Assassin's Creed Valhalla, and are classified on the world map as one of the AC Valhalla mysteries. These puzzles are characterised by a clump of white-spotted, red mushrooms. And while many can be solved by trial and error, and a little bit of patience, some may leave you scratching your head. 

So, if you want to know how to solve the AC Valhalla Fly Agaric puzzles throughout Norway and England, read on to find out how.

AC Valhalla Fly Agaric puzzle guide: How to find and solve them


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This puzzle is located in the northeast part of the area and just southeast of Ely Monastery, across the river. To get started, approach the patch of mushrooms in the middle of the unlit braziers and eat them. To solve the puzzle you need to interact with the braziers to open the big gate. But which ones? 

If you take a close look around you, you'll notice that three of the braziers have small door frames lined up some way behind them and outside of the low circular wall. Interact with each of these braziers to turn them blue and the main doorway will open. Step through to complete the puzzle.


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You'll find the Ledecestrescire Fly Agaric puzzle directly south of Repton, and northeast of the synchronisation point north of Tonnastadir. Approach the mushrooms located here and interact with them to get started.

You'll notice five gates here as well as several seals—yes, actual seals. Look to see which gate one of the seals heads for and pass through it. Then check the seal again—it will move to another gate—and pass through that one. Continue doing this until you've passed through all five gates to complete the puzzle.

East Anglia

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The East Anglia Fly Agaric puzzle is located northeast of Brisleah Farm and west of Elmenham. Again, interact with the mushrooms here to start the puzzle.

There are three gates here, and three rock formations which seem to correspond with each of the gates. One of the rocks has a statue next to it, another has shields, and the last one is close to blue flowers. If you compare those to the gates, you'll notice none of the gates have blue flowers near them while one has several statues. So head through that one first, on the far right.

You'll now be teleported onto a rock floating in the air. Use the rock platforms to reach a floating island to find more gateways. If we're following the order of the rock formations below, take the right gate again, as this one has a shield leaning against it. You'll now be teleported back to the ground. Follow the path to find yet more gates. Enter the gate with the blue flowers in front of it to complete this puzzle.


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This Fly Agaric puzzle can be found in Oxenefordscire, east of Evesham Abbey and north of Buckingham. When you're ready, interact with the mushrooms to get started.

This puzzle is fairly simple to figure out. There are five gates and each gate has a number of stone crosses next to it. Find the gate with one cross and pass through it, then the gate with two crosses, and so on. Once you've passed through all five gates in order, the puzzle is complete.


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The Sciropescire Fly Agaric puzzle can be found south of Wenlocan Abbey. Check the map above if you're unsure of the location. When you're ready to begin the puzzle, interact with the mushrooms.

This is another fairly simple puzzle and the clue is the location of the mushrooms you've just eaten. The mushrooms are within a circle of stones, and if you look around the area, you'll find five braziers which you can interact with. Look for the braziers which are also enclosed within a circle of stones, and interact with them to turn them blue. Finally, pass through the gate to tick another puzzle off the list.


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This Fly Agaric puzzle is located on the western border of Cent, southwest of Tonbridge Monastery. As always, interact with the mushrooms when you're ready to begin.

If you have a look around, you'll notice four gates, each with a different element—water, fire, air, and earth. You need to pass through these gates in a specific order but how do you figure out what that is? If you look above you, you'll notice a series of stone platforms that circle upwards. Climb up these and look at each of the remains you find there. This is the order you'll need to enter the gates.

Back on the ground, head through the water gate, then follow that up with the fire gate. Next is the earth gate—look for the one with roots entangled around it—then finally, pass through the air gate to finish this Fly Agaric puzzle.


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The next Fly Agaric puzzle is close to the northern border of Essexe, southwest of Beodoricsworth and directly east of Walden. Eat the mushrooms to start the puzzle here.

You'll see six lit braziers in a circle, each with a statue behind them. There are a lot of shields littering the area but pay these no heed. Instead, examine each statue. You'll find three of them are identical (and female) and these braziers are the ones you need to turn blue. If you're stuck, face the braziers with your back to the gate—from the left, the first, fourth, and fifth braziers should be blue. Enter the gate to complete the Essexe Fly Agaric puzzle.


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The Lincolnscire Fly Agaric puzzle is found near the region's western border, almost directly east of Ledecestre. Interact with the mushrooms when you're ready to start the puzzle.

Almost immediately, six bears will run at you. They're not particularly tough but be careful not to get surrounded by them as they can quickly overwhelm you with their unblockable attacks. Your best bet is to dodge—or run—away from them, and try to pick them off one at a time. Once you've taken care of the last one, the puzzle is done.


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This Fly Agaric puzzle is located directly south of Croindene and east of Cicestre Abbey. Once you're ready to begin the puzzle, eat the mushrooms.

Like the Lincolnscire puzzle, this one requires you to use your muscles rather than your mind. You'll be attacked by a bear, a lynx, and three wolves and you need to take them all down. Notice that two of them will occasionally transform into a Jotnar-Guld—these enemies will be familiar if you've spent any time in AC Valhalla Asgard—but keep plugging away at them. Once you've dealt with the last one, the puzzle will complete.


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You'll find this Fly Agaric puzzle located in the snowy peaks, northeast of Jorvik. Find the clump of mushrooms in the middle of a lake of ice and interact with them to begin this puzzle.

You'll be set upon by three wolves and two boars. They're not very tough as long as you're not far off the gear level for the area. Your best bet is to separate them as best you can and pick them off one at a time. As with the previous two puzzles listed here, once you've defeated them all, the puzzle is solved.


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This particular puzzle is located directly west of Buckingham and southeast of the Rollendritch standing stones. The mushrooms are sat on top of a rock formation. Interact with these when you're ready.

The first thing you're going to notice here is the boat that floats in the air in front of you. There are seven braziers in all—counting the one on the ship—and you need to figure out the correct ones to light to pass through the solitary gate ahead. Each brazier has a statue holding a banner, either white and green or black.

To solve this puzzle, look at the banner next to the brazier on the boat, and use your bow to shoot the braziers with the same banner to turn the flames blue. Don't forget to shoot the one on the boat too—there's a handy supply of arrows next to you if you're short. Once that's done, pass through the gate to complete the puzzle.


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The Snotinghamscire Fly Agaric puzzle is located southwest of Hemthorpe and west—and across the river from the synchronisation point. The mushrooms are located on top of a rock and you can interact with them when you're ready to begin.

You'll be confronted by three enemies here and they're pretty tough if you try to stand your ground. One will teleport to you while another will throw powerful waves of energy to knock you off your feet. Use the rocks to your advantage and chip away at them while using the cover. Once all three are defeated, the puzzle is complete.


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This Fly Agaric puzzle can be found northwest of Wincestre and northeast of Chepeham. Eat the mushrooms when you're ready to begin this puzzle.

This is another fight and this time you're up against four enemies—a Jotnar-Guld, a boar, and two archers. There are a number of large standing stones around the area so use these to your advantage. The archers have the lowest health so take them out first. Once you have defeated all four enemies, the puzzle is solved.


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This puzzle is found in Norway, southeast of the Deserted Chalet on the small island. There are three statues and a makeshift table close by. Eat the mushrooms when you're ready to begin.

Five gates will appear in a circle around you, and you need to choose which ones you need to pass through. Check the note on the table to get the order. The statues represent the Norse gods mentioned in the note, and three of the gates have statues next to them. 

First, head to the gate with the Thor statue—he's holding a hammer—and pass through it. Next up is Freya, so look for the gate with the female statue. If you're having difficulty identifying her, she's not holding a sword. Lastly, head through the All-Father's gate with the last statue to complete this puzzle.


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The last Fly Agaric puzzle is also located in Norway. You can find it southeast of the synchronisation point on the large island in the southwest corner of Hordafylke. Interact with the mushrooms when you're ready to begin.

You'll face four tough enemies here and, as the area already has a high gear requirement, you'd be better leaving this one until later in the game. Once you've defeated them, the puzzle is complete. 

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